HEULE Werkzeug AG – Precision tools that set new standards.

With the quality tools from HEULE Werkzeug AG, we offer convincing technologies for forward and reverse deburring from a diameter of 1.00 mm, innovative solutions for deburring and chamfering bores, as well as reverse counterboring tools with the highest precision. You can find more information at www.heule.com.

As an experienced solution finder, we accept every challenge together with HEULE and also manufacture customer-specific tools that are individually tailored to your application and thus achieve the best possible performance.

Advantages that HEULE scores with: deburring, chamfering, countersinking, forwards and backwards combined in one operation without stopping the spindle, reclamping and changing the direction of rotation of the workpiece. Based on the HEULE standard technologies, multiple operations are possible in one tool. Adaptation of tool dimensions and design of corresponding special tools, including the development of your machining concept, are part of the services provided by HEULE Werkzeug AG.