All innovative product solutions focus on finding a solution and the profitability of the customer.


Deburring tools deburr even and uneven bore edges forwards and backwards in one operation. They free the bore edges from burrs in a radius shape – without having to turn the workpiece or stop the spindle. The simple design and safe handling are impressive in use.


Chamfering tools enable economical chamfering forwards and backwards in one operation. Without having to turn the workpiece or stop the spindle, the chamfering tools remove the burr from the bore edges and chamfer them.

Spotfacing – Reverse counterboring

Reverse counterboring tools machine the back of the hole without turning the workpiece – the SOLO tool even both edges of the hole in one operation. Cylindrical counterbores, form counterbores, face counterbores and chatter-free countersinks are the possible applications.

Drilling – combination

Drilling tools focus on the process-reliable function and thus the customer’s profitability. By combining the drilling operation and the deburring or chamfering operation in one tool system, one operation step is eliminated.