We optimise machining sequences and processes with a focus on deburring, chamfering, counterboring and drilling. Our consulting service leads to an optimised and improved production performance.

With a “neutral look” on the application.

The goal is to make machining times more efficient, reduce tool life and thus optimise machine run times overall. Rework such as “final” deburring or chamfering work on the workpiece outside of the processing machine of the workpiece should be eliminated. The deburring and chamfering processes, are now includet in the machining of the workpiece.

Your projects benefit from our daily contact with a wide variety of applications and constantly evolving technologies. We precisely analise your manufacturing processes in order to identify the existing potential for improvement.

On-site consultation

We would be happy to visit you at your premises for a free consultation, if necessary with test or sample tools.

Online consultation

Nowadays, online consultation is an important tool that massively simplifies the daily dealings with our customers.

Workshops and Seminars

“Just Deburring”

  • Presentation of the tool range
  • Analysis of existing processes and tool solutions
  • Example applications, application reports
  • Technical feasibility study with the manufacturers
  • Development of customized solution
  • Assistance in programming the new work process
  • On-site commissioning support

“Deburring starts @ the design stage”

  • Joint analysis of the prototype during your product development
  • Recognize possible deburring challenges (cost drivers) at an early stage and take preventetive measures
  • Presentation of the technical possibilities for the development of new tool systems for your customer-specific tool solution
  • Process analysis, feasibility and profitability studies
  • Support in the development of complete solutions

Tool repair and maintenance

Tool components require service work or are to be repaired – we take over the coordination for you.

We would be happy to organise all repair and maintenance orders for you directly with the manufacturer. Please contact us before sending the tool to us. We would be happy to coordinate the next steps with you directly.

Regrinding services

The manufacturers themselves offer regrinding services for certain tool systems.
We would be happy to check the technical possibilities for your tool systems and the possible cost advantages.

Quality is more than accuracy

  • Punctual – We deliver reliably at the agreed time. It is very important to us to keep promises at all times and to communicate with our customers and suppliers at an early stage.
  • Individual – It is particularly important to us that we can respond quickly to your individual requirements. Together with you, we develop suitable processes to deburr your workpieces as desired.
  • Progressive – We are constantly developing our product portfolio and regularly invest in new innovations. We are convinced that the competitiveness of the Swiss workplace depends to a large extent on constant innovation and sustainable engineering.